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About Us

Your Optimal Intelligent Laser Solution Provider


QUICK LASER was established in 2009 with a registered capital of approximately 8.8 million USD. The company employs over 1,500 people and operates out of two major bases in Suzhou and Nantong. The Suzhou base spans 50,000 square meters, while the Nantong base occupies 320,000 square meters. QUICK LASER remains committed to the high-end positioning in the industry, focusing on the research, development, production, sales, and service of laser and intelligent equipment. The company’s scale, R&D prowess, and growth rate place it at the forefront of its industry.

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Driven by research, development, and innovation, QUICK LASER provides a comprehensive range of intelligent equipment production lines and full-spectrum laser application solutions for the global manufacturing industry. Our offerings include laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, semiconductor equipment, and new energy battery production lines. Our primary products have earned EU CE and US FDA certifications and have been exported to over 50 countries and regions worldwide. Innovations like the hollow high-power and zero-waste three-chuck tube cutting machines are first-of-their-kind in China and are leading on a global scale.


Our Milestones

  • 2009

    • QUICK LASER was established in Suzhou, China

  • 2010

    • QUICK LASER has obtained FDA, CE and other international certifications

  • 2011

    • QUICK LASER has developed and launched pulsed YAG cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser tube cutting machines, 3D fiber cutting machines, CO2 non-metal laser cutting machines and other series of laser cutting machines

  • 2012

    • QUICK LASER has been recognized as the national high-tech enterprise

  • 2013

    • QUICK LASER has won the honorary titles of "Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", and "Excellent Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", etc.

  • 2014

    • QUICK LASER developed and launched the first laser tube welding machine for vacuum flasks

  • 2015

    • QUICK LASER launched a new generation of industry-leading laser cutting machine, which can realize unlimited cutting of high-reflection materials
    • QUICK LASER developed the first three-chuck laser cutting machine in China and applied for invention patents

  • 2016

    • QUICK LASER took the lead in developing and launching the industry's 8000W high-power laser cutting machine. The annual sales of laser cutting machine exceeded 600 units.
    • QUICK LASER developed and launched the industry's first three-chuck and zero-tailings structure automatic laser tube cutting machine. The diameter of the rotary chuck of the tube cutting machine is up to 220mm, which was the first to achieve an industry breakthrough

  • 2017

    • QUICK LASER’s first 10,000W cutting equipment was successfully delivered to customers, taking the lead in achieving a breakthrough of 10,000W power in the laser industry
    • QUICK LASER developed and launched a full-automatic CCD image loading system for tubes, a semi-automatic loading system, a hydraulic lifting laser cutting machine, a fully automatic loading and unloading laser tube cutting machine, an online flying laser tube cutting machine, and a tube drawing and welding machine

  • 2018

    • The sales of laser tube cutting machines rank among the top in China
    • QUICK LASER developed and launched the first domestic 10,000W hollow machine bed and applied for a patent, and it launched the domestic leading 2.5m (width) * 12m (length) hydraulic large-format laser cutting machine

  • 2019

    • The headquarters of QUICK LASER was relocated to No. 6, Qingqiu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park
    • QUICK LASER developed laser tube cutting machine with a three-chuck structure and zero tailing for the length of 12 meters and a diameter of 500 mm tubes
    • QUICK LASER launched the high-precision optical fiber precision cutting machine with a self-developed system
    • QUICK LASER developed and launched the AOI grain inspection machine and AOI wafer inspection machine for the semiconductor industry

  • 2020

    • QUICK LASER independently developed 15000W high-power laser cutting head

  • 2021

    • QUICK LASER was recognized as a key enterprise of "Plateau Industry" and "Peak Enterprise" in Suzhou Industrial Park

  • 2022

    • Awarded the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award
    • Successfully obtained the "Jiangsu Green Factory" energy management system certification
    • Awarded the honorary title of the Specialized, Precise, Unique and Innovative Enterprise in Jiangsu Province
    • Set up a post-doctoral incubation station to further promote the efficient integration of technology and industry


As your trustworthy and reliable partner, QUICK LASER is committed to providing global industrial customers with comprehensive and high-quality intelligent laser solutions. We serve a wide range of global industries as a leader in fiber laser equipment, our network extends all across the world.

  • 1,500+ Employees

  • 400,000+m2 Production Area

  • 50+ Exporting Countries

  • 300+ R&D Personnel


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