Advantages and disadvantages of plate and tube laser cutting machine

Customers who have cutting needs for metal sheets and metal pipes will ask, which cutting equipment is more suitable?

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, this machine can not only meet the customer’s cutting requirements for flat plates, but also meet the cutting needs of various special-shaped pipes such as round pipes and square pipes.

So, is the plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine good? Where are the advantages and disadvantages?

This kind of laser cnc sheet metal cutting machine has many advantages. In addition to effectively cutting metal sheets of various materials, it is also very fast for processing metal pipes. It can realize the rapid adjustment of different pipe materials so as to make high-precision products in the process of processing. The machine tool is equipped with different professional chucks and fixtures, which can accurately process pipes of different shapes and sizes.

Laser tube cutting is a technology with high production efficiency, strong capability and great flexibility. Operators can modify the design without affecting the entire product production process; the greater advantage is that end users can control short or medium Plate production, instead of making a large number of templates, can respond more quickly to customer needs, which does not require making molds.

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine is the processing machine that small and medium-sized enterprises will choose. Its flexibility provides support for more and more personalized processing and reduces the number of molds used.

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