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  • Automatic Pipe Cutting Line

TCFS Series

Automatic Pipe Cutting Line

  • Power: 1500W-8000W
  • Processing format: round tube diameter φ20mm-φ350mm, square tube 20mm-250mm (non-standard customization available)


TCFS Series-Automatic Pipe Cutting Line

The TCFS series are mainly configured with: automatic pipe warehousing system, automatic loading system, pipe cutting machine, RGV logistics system, automatic stacking system, automatic welding system, etc. These systems enable the machine to realize automatic material receiving, intelligent distribution and task scheduling, flexible processing and production, high-speed, high-precision, safe and stable operation. They represent a new leap forward in high-quality and intelligent processing, thereby significantly reducing production costs for enterprises.



High compatibility

Compatible with the processing of round and square pipes of different specifications, with the round pipe diameter of φ20mm-φ350mm and square pipe diameter of □20mm-□250mm.


Automatic CCD image loading

Realize loading to multiple machines with one feeder


Multi-module integration

Realizes multi-module integration, including intelligent warehousing system, automatic loading system, laser cutting system, laser marking system, automatic unloading and stocking system, and automatic welding system