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Automobile Industry

Automobile industry


  1. In automobile manufacturing, the production processes of body-in-white (BIW), power system, steering system, braking system, new energy battery motor electric drive and automotive electronics impose strict requirements on the stability and flexibility of processing equipment. Laser welding, laser cutting, and laser marking technologies are widely applied in the automotive industry due to their high energy, high precision, and excellent adaptability. As one of the most comprehensive integrators of laser equipment in China, QUICK LASER has maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with many automobile manufacturers, providing advanced automotive laser cutting, welding and marking solutions for the automotive industry.

Automobile industry solutions

Laser cutting in automobile industry

During the production and maintenance of automobiles, many sheet metal parts can have complex shapes. QUICK LASER’s cutting machines are known for their high stability, precision, and speed. They can accomplish high-precision processing according to the design requirements and can also provide traceable serial code markings.

Automobile industry solutions

Laser welding in automobile industry

QUICK LASER provides comprehensive solutions for the production and manufacturing of automotive components. QUICK LASER welding machines are widely used in new energy battery motors, electric drives, flywheels, shock absorbers, steering systems and other components.


Automobile industry solutions

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