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Hardware Processing

Hardware Processing


QUICK LASER continues to develop new equipment in the hardware industry. A variety of laser cutting machines, welding machines, marking machines and automatic loading and unloading equipment are widely used in many fields such as hardware products, tool manufacturing and instrument ruler measurement industries. In the production process of hardware accessories, QUICK LASER’s equipment has high quality and fast processing speed. It not only reduces the processing time of hardware products, but also significantly improves their quality, which holds long-term significance to the hardware processing industry.


Hardware Processing Solutions

Laser cutting in hardware processing

In laser cutting technology, as an alternative to “cutting punching”, has emerged with precision, flexibility, and efficiency. It can effectively process various complex parts. Simply by creating cutting graphics and importing them into the control system, it can set dimensions for cutting, which has effectively improved labor productivity.

Hardware Processing Solutions

Laser tube cutting in hardware processing

percision in traditional cutting, corner cutting, hole opening, and edge trimming processes, but also can achieve customized, personalized, and high-volume production. It can replace multiple processes such as opening, drilling, and sawing. The finished products do not need to be polished in the later stage, which has improved efficiency and saved production costs.


Hardware Processing Solutions

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