How does the laser cutting machine ensure stability?

China’s laser industry shows a strong geographical concentration, and has formed four major laser industry belts in central China, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Rim. Among them, the central China region represented by Wuhan has the most comprehensive products, covering low, medium and high power laser equipment.

Refining details regardless of cost

Founded in 2009, QUICK LASER has experienced China’s laser industry from small to large, from weak to strong, and witnessed the continuous changes in market demand, continuous improvement of application capabilities, and the process of mainstream products from 100 watts to kilowatts to 10,000 watts. QUICK LASER is located in Suzhou, which occupies a favorable location and has a very complete industrial support. It is also one of the birthplaces of China’s laser industry. It can be said that supply, demand, technology, output and competition are all available. It is very suitable for Laser business development.

metal laser cutter a series
metal laser cutter a series

In the fertile soil of the laser industry, the laser has gone through a 15-year journey. In addition to the industrial conditions provided by the city, the ability to persist in the extremely competitive laser cutting market for such a long time and gradually grow is inseparable from the choice of QUICK LASER itself. With the rapid development of the industry and the influx of a large amount of capital, many new companies have been born. In the process, many “playing ticket” companies have emerged, making quick money with the concept of lasers, and gaining the market by reducing costs and prices. QUICK LASER cutting machine did not follow suit.

“Everyone knows that equipment integration is actually a kind of work of stacking materials. Whether it is a laser or a cutting head, all manufacturers can choose to configure high-end or mass-market products according to user needs. Whoever has the best materials is good. However, QUICK LASER has never considered the cost of controlling precision and ensuring production stability, and few friends can do it in some inconspicuous places. To give two examples, all our terminal blocks and air switches are used Most of them are international first-line brands such as Siemens, Divia, Schneider, etc. Because the top-level components such as cutting heads and lasers fail, they can be improved through the system alarm, but if the small terminal is burned, it will be very time-consuming and laborious to find out the problem. .In order to reduce the difficulty of after-sales service, we insist on using the best for small things.”

In addition, the screws used on our bed are also Taiwan TUZ international standard screws instead of screws produced by small manufacturers. If standard screws are used, which match our bed design, the standardization of production can be guaranteed. For example, the degree and position of the torque wrench can be standardized. Only by realizing standardized production can the long-term stability of machine tools be guaranteed. The current equipment can basically achieve a positioning accuracy of 0.05mm and a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.03mm or even 0.02mm when leaving the factory. However, after a year of use by the user, there will be gaps between the bed of different manufacturers due to the difference in details and materials.

Focus on cutting without distractions

In addition to paying attention to details, laser’s focus on the cutting market is also an important guarantee for its achievements today. Since its establishment 19 years ago, QUICK LASER has devoted all its energy to the research and development of laser cutting machines. Said: “We have focused on the cutting market since our establishment, and have been developing products around laser cutting customers from the beginning to the end, so we have a deep understanding of customer needs and future trends. In fact, product configuration can be solved by spending money. No core competitiveness, but the accumulation of time, technology, and experience in an industry, and the transformation of experience into better technical applications and functions, is the core competitiveness of QUICK LASER.”

For the laser cutting market, QUICK LASER has carried out two layouts. Mr. Lei said: “There are two major battlefields between metal laser cutting and traditional technology. One is the power level, and the other is the process level. High power can represent the limit of cutting thickness, such as 70mm or even 100mm plates, and can also cut common thicknesses of 15- 30mm cutting is better and faster. On the other hand, some workpieces have high requirements on technology, not only need to carry out conventional graphic cutting, but also need to match the deburring, drilling, tube plate welding process after cutting, groove laser cutting machine The appearance of the laser has solved the problem of this series of needs and greatly improved the processing efficiency. We are now also researching to replace the traditional process efficiently through special functions, highlighting the advantages of laser processing. At present, whether it is a plane cutting machine or a pipe cutting machine, our Bevel cutting technology has been able to meet the needs of mass production.”

In the face of the hot 10,000 watts, 20,000 watts, and 30,000 watts in the market in recent years, QUICK LASER also has its own understanding. As mentioned above, high power can explore the limit of cutting thickness, but there is very little demand for cutting ultra-thick plates in the market, and more users are within 40mm. QUICK LASER believes that the 10,000-watt market has been opened at this stage, but the 30,000-watt supporting equipment is not yet mature, and the significance of blindly pursuing higher power is far less than tempering existing products and technical levels. Said: For a 40,000-watt laser cutting machine, buy the best cutting head such as the Pro series of Pretzite, use the best laser, the best control system, and make the bed steel plate a bit thicker, for integrators It is not difficult to assemble the equipment, but the difficulty lies in the stable operation of the equipment after assembly, so as to ensure that there will be no problems in the long-term stable production of the equipment. We can customize the production of 40,000 watt cutting machines for customers.


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