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Selection of auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine

During the laser cutting process, an auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut must be added. In addition to blowing away the slag in the slit, the coaxial

Laser Cutters – Industrial Aesthetics

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses a laser to cut a wide variety of sheets and bodies of material. Even complex 3D geometries and contours can be

How does the laser cutting machine ensure stability?

China's laser industry shows a strong geographical concentration, and has formed four major laser industry belts in central China, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai

How does the automatic loading and unloading system of laser cutting machine improve processing efficiency

With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, the market's demand for product diversification, low manufacturing cost and short manufacturing cycle is becoming increasingly urgent. Traditional manufacturing

9 standards for judging the cutting quality of laser cutting machines

Judging the quality of laser cutting machine cutting is the best way to judge the performance of laser cutting equipment most intuitively. Here are nine criteria for judging, and laser