Enter the Sany Lighthouse Factory and explore intelligent manufacturing | QUICK LASER


In April 2020, Changde SANY started the construction of a lighthouse factory. Based on the intelligent processing needs of the product, after multiple investigations, Changde SANY chose QUICK LASER Laser as its partner to conduct in-depth cooperation in the sheet automation line. “Choose QUICK LASER because of its brand strength and product performance. QUICK LASER has excellent performance in intelligent manufacturing, with high efficiency, good quality and high flexibility. We are very satisfied with this line and it has provided us with The construction of the lighthouse factory has laid a solid equipment foundation.” said Xiao Ting, director of Changde SANY Technology Institute.


The plate laser blanking production line introduced by Changde SANY is composed of 4 laser cutting machines, automatic loading and unloading systems, automatic sorting systems, AGV logistics systems and other complete sets of automation equipment. It is highly integrated and intelligent, and the processing task begins , reset and other operations can be operated remotely, perfectly realizing safe and efficient cutting and blanking operations with few people.


Intelligent manufacturing brings about a leap in production efficiency. “After this production line was put into operation, the production efficiency increased by 5-6 times. Through human-machine collaboration, personnel were saved by 60%, the overall efficiency increased by 40%, and the product quality was greatly improved! In addition, QUICK LASER’s products The design is user-friendly, the quality is excellent, and the stability, fluency, and ease of operation are very high.” Modernization, automation, digitalization, and intelligence are perfectly integrated and presented here.


The E-ATS central control system acts as the “intelligent brain” of the production line. By undertaking the upper-layer MES system, it receives the parts production plan and dynamically commands the conveyor line, cutting equipment, and sorting equipment according to rules such as plan priority, equipment working status and progress. , AGV unmanned vehicles, etc. to perform automated production scheduling for cutting, sorting, transportation and other tasks to meet the balance of the production line and improve production rhythm and efficiency. The production line can achieve full coverage of information from order management, process flow, production status, equipment monitoring to later data collection, query, traceability and analysis!


In the world’s largest mixing equipment production base – SANY Changde Lighthouse Factory, an orderly manufacturing scene is shown everywhere: AGV navigation vehicles transport workpieces in an orderly manner, and loading robots easily place workpieces into processing stations. The laser cutting machine operates efficiently, and the large central control screen clearly displays the task progress… Each section shows its magic and cooperates tacitly, demonstrating “eighteen kinds of martial arts”. The entire production line realizes production intelligence from loading, processing to finished product off-line. Fully automated production with digitization of equipment, visualization of management and control!

Post time: Oct-16-2023