Let’s go to Saudi Arabia! QUICK LASER’s overseas orders were shipped smoothly! | QUICK LASER


In the QUICK LASER Intelligent Manufacturing Factory located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, the 20000W-6025GI laser cutting machine is ready to go and will be shipped to Saudi Arabia for delivery to local customers.

Arabia laser

The rollout and shipment of the GI series 6025 laser cutting machine from Saudi Arabia’s export order marks the further expansion of QUICK LASER’s influence in the international market and the further strengthening of its sustainable competitiveness, and once again confirms the manufacturing strength of QUICK LASER.


 Arabia laser cutter

As a global expert in laser application solutions, QUICK LASER has been adhering to the domestic and international dual-circulation strategy in recent years, unswervingly following the path of internationalization, and actively embracing overseas markets. Since the beginning of this year, QUICK LASER’s laser export business has grown significantly, and overseas markets have developed rapidly.


The 6025GI laser cutting machine shipped this time will be used for sheet metal processing by Saudi customers, mainly cutting metal plates of about 10-30mm. This equipment integrates high speed, high efficiency, high precision, high stability, high convenience and other features, and its performance is fully optimized and upgraded.



The equipment is equipped with a number of patented technologies such as hollow structure machine tools, boneless worktables, time-divided and partitioned dust extraction structures, X series self-developed laser cutting heads; a new generation of Quick 6.0 intelligent cutting system, with more complete and intelligent functions, equipped with QUICK LASER The powerful process database of the laser makes it more convenient to use; the optional industrial intelligent interface, intelligent remote cloud interface and operation diagnosis mode are reserved to make the production operation more convenient.


Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and has a tropical desert climate with high temperatures all year round, with the highest temperature reaching over 50°. In such an extreme climate, the cooling circulation system of the QUICK LASER cutting machine can keep the machine at a constant temperature, improving cutting efficiency and quality. more stable.


QUICK LASER products have passed ISO9001, EU CE certification, US FDA certification, Saudi SASO certification, etc., and comply with various technical requirements of the global market. Products such as hollow high-power, zero-tailing three-chuck pipe cutting machines are the first in China. The world’s leading!


With excellent product performance, good market reputation, and focus on the market and customers, QUICK LASER has won the trust of many companies around the world and exports to more than 50 countries and regions. At present, QUICK LASER intelligent cutting products have been sold to the Middle East, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Latin American markets, and export volumes continue to rise.

Post time: Sep-14-2023