QUICK LASER participated in the grand battery technology event of CIBF2023 Exhibition | QUICK LASER


On May 16, the world's largest battery and energy industry event – the 15th CIBF2023 China International Battery Technology Exhibition (hereinafter abbreviated as 2023CIBF Battery Exhibition), officially launched in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall)!


With the presentation of a series of new energy automation solutions at the booth 9T263, QUICK LASER shares its innovative technologies and automatic product lines with customers to help the high-quality development of the new energy industry and talk about a green future together! We warmly invite everyone to visit QUICK LASER’s booth and provide valuable insights.


Let's dive into the highlights of QUICK LASER's booth and enjoy the wonderful moments on the first day!


Wonderful presentation of site splendor

In this exhibition, QUICK LASER put forth cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the new energy sector, garnering much attention from the numerous visitors present. Domestic and international new energy companies, dealers, suppliers, and buyers convened here for business talks, technical exchanges, and industry discussions.


On the first day of the exhibition, QUICK LASER’s booth was very crowded and lively! With careful introduction and detailed answers for relevant questions, our colleagues on site received enthusiastic feedback from visitors, fostering possibilities for further collaboration.


The presence of QUICK LASER at this exhibition also allows more partners to witness its technology and strength!


Eye-catching innovative technologies


At the exhibition site, the technical experts from QUICK LASER also shared with the guest a thematic presentation on QUICK LASER’s Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions and Applications in the New Energy Battery Module PACK, which proposed a variety of new energy automation solutions from the perspective of the industry’s pain points, process flow and product applications.


At the same time, QUICK LASER shared our innovative technologies, made exchanges about industry experiences, and analyzed the development trends in the future. This comprehensive showcase of QUICK LASER's capabilities in the new energy field was met with widespread interest and recognition.


In-depth engagement in the industry and business deployment acceleration


In recent years, QUICK LASER has been following the market trend and accelerating the deployment in the new energy market. Based on the innovative concept of new energy battery laser welding + automatic production line, QUICK LASER has successively developed and put into operation the standard laser welding system and various automatic production lines, such as square shell battery module assembly line, new energy battery PACK assembly line, CCS production line, CTP energy storage module PACK production line, soft pack battery module assembly line, etc., thereby forming a full range of solutions including battery structures, cells and modules.

What’s more, QUICK LASER continuously makes efforts in the new energy sector, and has successively established in-depth strategic partnership with GAC, Changhong, Mingmei, Morlus, Chaowei, Longi, CALB, Shenzhen Xiongtao and many other enterprises, and related products have been successfully applied to multiple applications such as electric vehicles and buses.




Marching ahead steadily with innovation-driven progress


Moving forward, QUICK LASER will stay in tune with market needs, take innovation as the driving force, get in-depth engagement in the new energy industry, and spare no effort to create a product line suitable for a variety of new energy battery applications. QUICK LASER aims to provide each customer with safe, reliable, intelligent, and efficient new energy solutions, contributing to the achievement of a sustainable future.


We would like to express our gratitude to all our customers and partners for their trust and support. QUICK LASER is committed to working hand in hand with all our partners towards a successful future.

Post time: May-17-2023