QUICK LASER won the bid for the crane industry—Weihua Group | QUICK LASER


As a new and efficient tool, the laser cutting machine has become an important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of the crane industry.


Recently, QUICK LASER won the bid for the leader in the domestic crane industry – Henan Weihua Group, and introduced QUICK LASER 12000W-2512GI fiber laser cutting machine and P12050 heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine for the intelligent manufacturing of Zhengzhou Weilai Smart Stereo Garage Project . The high-power laser cutting machine and heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine will greatly enhance the equipment manufacturing capacity of Weihua Group and promote the green and low-carbon development of the enterprise.


Founded in 1988, Weihua Group is a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development of bridges, gantry cranes, port machinery, electric hoists, reducers, bulk material conveying equipment, intelligent three-dimensional garages, and intelligent robots. Years of development have made its industry status and brand influence continuously improved. Weihua has become one of the most competitive enterprise groups with the largest production and sales volume, the strongest brand share, and the most competitive in the national crane industry.



The intelligent three-dimensional garage is one of the important business segments of Weihua Group. It needs to use a large number of medium-thick steel plates, heavy-duty pipes and other raw materials in the production and manufacturing. It has been using traditional flame and plasma cutting before. In terms of efficiency, effect, precision and environmental protection There are shortcomings in other aspects, and they cannot continue to meet their product manufacturing and upgrading needs. The introduction of the more efficient, safe and intelligent QUICK LASER cutting machine will undoubtedly greatly promote the intelligent upgrade of Weihua Group.



The GI series high-power fiber laser cutting machine introduced this time integrates the advantages of ultra-high power, ultra-high precision, and ultra-strong stability. The self-developed intelligent cutting head not only improves the speed, precision, and efficiency, but also ensures that the cutting section is smooth and clean ;A number of patented technologies such as the semi-hollow machine tool, boneless workbench structure, and time-sharing, section-by-section, and section-by-section dust extraction, which are the first in China, make thick plate cutting more stable.


P series 12050 heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine is the explosive product of QUICK LASER. This equipment breaks through the cutting limit of heavy tubes. Material, heavy load unloading, 2000KG super load, 500mm cutting pipe diameter, 50r/min high speed, equipped with bevel cutting and other advantages!

Post time: Jul-26-2023