Operation process of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is widely used in modern society and is one of the necessary equipment in many industries. It is widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign making, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, Metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, leaf springs, circuit boards, electric kettles, medical microelectronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

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How does the high power fiber laser cutting machine operate?

1. Comply with the general cutting machine safety operating procedures, and start the laser strictly in accordance with the laser start-up procedure.

2. The operator must be trained to be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and to master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

3. Wear labor protective equipment according to the regulations, and must wear protective glasses that meet the regulations near the laser beam.

4. Do not process a material without knowing whether it can be irradiated or heated by a laser to avoid the potential hazard of fumes and vapors.

5. When the equipment is in operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the post without authorization or entrust someone to be in charge. If it is really necessary to leave, the operator should stop the machine or cut off the power switch.

6. Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach; turn off the laser or shutter when not processing; do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near unprotected laser beams.

7. When any abnormality is found during the processing, it should be shut down immediately, and the fault should be eliminated in time or reported to the supervisor.

8. Keep the laser, bed and surrounding areas clean, orderly, and free from oil, and the workpieces, plates, and waste materials should be piled up according to regulations.

9. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing the welding wires to avoid electric leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with gas cylinder monitoring regulations. It is forbidden to expose the cylinder to the sun or close to the heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth. the

10. Follow high voltage safety regulations during maintenance. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1000 hours of operation or every six months of maintenance must be carried out in accordance with regulations and procedures.

11. After turning on the machine, the machine tool should be started manually at low speed in the X and Y directions, and checked to see if there is any abnormality.

12. After inputting the new workpiece program, it should be trial run first and check its running condition.

13. When working, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool to avoid accidents caused by the cutting machine going out of the effective stroke range or two collisions.

All in all, although laser cutting has been widely used in various industries, the rules of use must be followed when using it, and safety is paramount, so that laser cutting machines can better serve the public.


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