Automatic Loading & Unloading Systems of Sheet Cutting-ATR Series

  • Sheet thickness range: 1mm~16mm
  • working area: 3000mm*1500mm~12000mm*2500mm
  • Apparent size: determined according to the layout
  • Maximum number of extended cutters supported: ≤4platform
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Storage Systems of Sheet Cutting-ATW-M Series

  • Number of locations: 6 ~ 10 floors (customized according to requirements)
  • Plate format:3000mm*1500mm;4000mm*2000mm;6000mm*2000mm
  • Appearance dimension: l7200mm * w4250mm * h6000mm (subject to actual communication)
  • Height of single warehouse location: 100mm-400mm (customized according to requirements)
  • Single location bearing:3T/5T
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