Single Platform Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machines – A Series


Hollow / Semi Hollow Structure Machine Tool

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Extruded Aluminum Beam

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Segmented Dust Extraction Structure

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Integrated Electronic Control System

A fiber laser cutting machine
aluminum beam
The machine tool adopts aviation aluminum profile extrusion beam, which is lighter as a whole, higher precision and faster acceleration.

Product introduction

A series laser cutting machines integrate fast and intelligent perforation mode and fast and intelligent tool receiving mode, and is configured with the latest generation of expert process database of QUICK LASER.
automatic self lubrication system

Automatic self lubrication system

The bed is designed with a professional integrated lubrication system. All lubrication points are controlled in one piece and connected to the cutting operating system. Real-time condition monitoring of lubrication times and different lubrication points can extend the life of the machine.

Segmented dust extraction structure

The machine tool adopts a professional air duct design and a segmented dust extraction structure, which can be switched on/off according to the moving area of the cutting head. The maximum efficiency ensures the dust extraction air volume in the cutting area and makes the cutting more environmentally friendly.
segment structure
metal laser cutter a series

Integrated electronic control system

The equipment control part is integrated into the machine tool, which can effectively reduce the interference caused by too many electrical lines and the failure rate caused by uncertainty.

Technical Parameter


Model 3015 4020 6025
Processing format (L) × (W) 3000mm×1500mm 4000mm×2000mm 6000mm×2500mm
X-axis stroke 3050mm 4050mm 6050mm
Y-axis stroke 1550mm 2050mm 2550mm
Z-axis stroke 300mm 300mm 300mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Maximum linkage speed 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min
Maximum acceleration 1G 1G 1G
Power  3000W, 6000W
*All technical parameters are subject to the latest technical scheme. Groove cutting can be carried on GY, HG, HI Series according to customer needs.


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