Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines-BK Series


Independent design patent chuck

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Zero tailing cutting without waste

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Whole pipe feeding and whole pipe blanking

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Product introduction

Patented chuck has simple and stable structure, can clamp square tube, round tube, elliptical tube, I-beam etc. Three chuck processing mode meets the cutting head to cut tailings between different chucks. The feeding, cutting and blanking of the whole pipe can be processed with high efficiency and high quality according to different lengths, shapes.
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Intelligent chuck Invention patent

1. Double roller clamping design structure can reduce the shaking of pipe and improve the cutting accuracy; 2. The intelligent clamping force is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is ±1.0k 3. Chuck is equipped with dust suction and slag suction port. 4. Can clamp various types of pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, oval pipe, channel steel, angle steel etc.

Quick-MT intelligent system

Independently researched and developed MT intelligent cutting system, which has a variety of more perfect and intelligent control functions, such as three chucks, two chucks, flexible switching cutting mode, zero tailing cutting mode, etc., so as to optimize and improve the speed and efficiency of leapfrog function.
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Three chuck structure

Three chuck structure design. Three chuck clamping support is adopted in the processing process, which can adjust the clamping force of the pipe with large bending and distortion for correction and cutting, so as to avoid affecting the front-end cutting accuracy.

Wide types of clamping pipes

Can clamp a variety of pipes such as round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, L-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, channel steel, special-shaped pipe and so on.
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Technical Parameter

Model 7025 9025 7028 9028
Machining dimension of round tube φ15-245mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Maximum dry running speed 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min
Maximum idle speed 100r/min 100r/min 100r/min 100r/min
Maximum bearing capacity of single pipe 230kg 230kg 300kg 300kg
Cutting size ≤3000mm ≤3000mm ≤3000mm ≤3000mm
Power 1500W-6600W
*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.


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