Ultra-large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machines-HG Series


Hollow / semi hollow structure machine tool

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QH. SPAC intelligent cutting system

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Q-X series ultra-high power intelligent cutting head

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Maximum machining length:12000mm

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Maximum linkage speed:200m/min

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Maximum power:30000W

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The machine bed adopts an integral welded structure and has R & D patents such as hollow / semi hollow structure, which not only ensures the strength and rigidity of the machine tool, but also reduces the internal heating area of the machine tool, making the machine tool more stable for long-term use.

Product introduction

HG series products adopt a segmented structure, the length of the machine tool can be customized freely, the active braking of the safety grating is safer, the segmented modular workbench is more convenient, and the innovative blowing and dust removal structure is more environmentally friendly. Equipped with a new generation of QH.SPAC intelligent cutting system, it has flexible operation, more complete and intelligent functions, effectively improves the speed and efficiency of leapfrog function, integrates fast and intelligent perforation mode, fast and intelligent knife closing mode, and is equipped with the latest generation of Xunlei laser expert technology Database, more convenient to use. At the same time, the convenient industrial intelligent interface, intelligent remote cloud interface and remote diagnosis mode make it easier to operate.

Safety light barrier; Active protection

HG series machine tool beams are equipped with safety protection gratings as standard, which can actively provide safety protection. When a person enters the processing area by mistake, the machine tool will brake urgently and stop, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

Segmented modular workbench

The self-developed segmented modular workbench structure is convenient for customers to easily disassemble and replace, and any workbench can be cleaned and maintained separately, which improves maintenance efficiency and saves use costs.
Segmented modular workbench
dust removal structure

Innovative blowing and suction dust removal structure

The innovative blowing-pumping and dust-removing structure adopts an innovative air duct structure combining blowing and pumping, which makes large-format machine tools more environmentally friendly, and has an innovative effect on the use environment and equipment life.

Parameter of Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machines - HG Series

Model 301500 351500 401500
Processing format (length) × (width) 15000mm×3000mm 15000mm×3500mm 15000mm×4000mm
X-axis stroke 15200mm 15200mm 15200mm
Y-axis stroke 3050mm 3550mm 4050mm
Z-axis stroke 200mm 200mm 200mm
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy X-axis:<=±0.20mm Y-axis:<=±0.04mm
X/Y-axis repeat positioning accuracy X-axis:<=0.15mm Y-axis:<=0.04mm
Maximum linkage speed <=100m/min <=100m/min <=80m/min
Maximum acceleration 0.5G 0.5G 0.5G
Power Range 6000W,12000W, 20000W, 30000W
*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.


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