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FMS Series

Smart Sheet Metal Processing Factory


FMS Series-Smart Sheet Metal Processing Factory

The smart sheet metal processing factory adopts modular design, which can be freely combined according to the product requirements, to customize the intelligent flexible production line which is best suitable for you.



Free combination

Optional modules include: Warehousing system + automatic loading/unloading system + laser cutting system + intelligent sorting system + automatic deburring system + automatic leveling system + automatic bending system + intelligent welding system + automatic surface treatment and other modules.


Intelligent warehouse, visual management

Compared with the traditional layout, it can save about 60% of the floor area and maximize the utilization of the factory space.


The quantities of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are updated in real time, giving you complete knowledge of the entire production process and production information.


Increase productivity, enhance profit

Full-automatic intelligent production, maximizing equipment utilization.


Reduce labor intensity for workers, decrease the number of employees in the company, and increase profit margins