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Tube materials are commonly used in fitness equipment, because many joints are connected in intersecting lines. The traditional tube processing method is to use band saws, drilling machines, and special milling machines. The fiber laser processing equipment developed and manufactured by QUICK LASER for the sports fitness equipment industry can be applied to the cutting of various shapes of metal tubes, and can process any complex graphics on the tube surface without restriction on the complexity of the graphics. The tubes after cutting do not require secondary processing and can be welded directly, which greatly shortens the production period.


Sports equipment solutions

Laser tube cutting in sports equipment

The QUICK LASER tube cutting machine can cut traditional or irregular tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, elliptical tubes, bread tubes, D-shaped tubes, etc. It operates at high speed with high precision, and can achieve precise cutting of tube openings, cutting, intersecting lines, and various complex shapes which are difficult to achieve with conventional methods.

Sports equipment solutions

Tube loading and unloading system

The automatic loading and unloading system of QUICK LASER tube cutting machine is featured with high degree of automation, which can achieve fully automated production, automatic bundling and loading, automatic clamping, automatic length measurement, automatic unloading, and can also be equipped with a robotic arm for automatic sorting and stacking.


Sports equipment solutions

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Sports equipment solutions