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Steel Structure Engineering

Steel structure engineering solutions


In the field of steel structure engineering processing, approximately 73% of the processing operations need to be completed assisted by laser cutting technology. At present, QUICK LASER cutting technology has developed rapidly in the direction of thick plate and large size. As a processing technology frequently and widely used in large-scale industrial fields, laser cutting technology has played a positive role in driving the development of the entire industry, in terms of both its prospects and its importance.


Steel structure engineering solutions

Laser cutting of steel structure engineering

Compared with traditional cutting, QUICK LASER cutting technology offers benefits such as  high precision, strong adaptability, low noise and good cutting quality. For some complex processing operations that are typically carried out using large abrasive tools, the application of laser cutting technology eliminates the need for these tools while ensuring cutting quality.

Steel structure engineering solutions

Laser tube cutting in steel structure engineering

In response to industry demands, QUICK LASER has developed a variety of tube cutting equipment and automation equipment, such as specialized laser cutting machine for tube and on-line tube cutting machine. Additionally, it possesses a series of leading processing technologies and equipment for tube production in China, such as laser tube drawing and welding.


Steel structure engineering solutions

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