Three features of 15000W ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine

1. The signal transmission adopts the form of electricity-optical-electricity, and the light-emitting part and the light-receiving part are not in contact, which can avoid possible feedback and interference from the output terminal to the input terminal;

2. Strong ability to suppress noise interference;

3. It has the advantages of durability, high reliability and fast speed. The response time is generally within a few seconds, and the response time of high-speed photocouplers is even less than 10ns.

When designing the system circuit of the ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine, attention should be paid to the isolation of the input signal circuit when it is connected to the single-chip microcomputer. Here, optocoupler is the most commonly used method.

In the metal processing industry where the industrial manufacturing system occupies a large part, many metal materials, no matter what kind of hardness it is, can be cut without deformation. Of course, for high-reflectivity materials, such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum alloys, they are also good conductors of heat transfer, so it is difficult for laser cutting machines to cut them. Although the ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine technology has obvious and huge advantages, as a high-tech equipment, in order to use the 12000w fiber laser cutting machine to achieve the ideal cutting effect, it is necessary to master its processing technical parameters and operating procedures. Especially in the cutting process of metal laser cutting machine, it is necessary to choose the appropriate cutting speed, otherwise it may cause several bad cutting results, mainly as follows:

1. When the laser cutting speed is too fast, it will cause the following adverse results:

①False cutting, sparks spraying randomly;

②Cause the cutting surface to show oblique stripes, and the lower half produces melting stains;

③The entire section is thicker, but no melting stains are produced;

2. When the laser cutting speed is too slow, it will cause:

①Cause over-melting and the cutting surface is rough.

②The kerf widens and melts at the sharp corners.

③ Affect cutting efficiency.

metal sheet cutting machine gi series 3

Therefore, in order to make the ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine better perform its cutting function, you can judge whether the feed speed is appropriate from the cutting sparks of the laser equipment:

1. If the spark spreads from top to bottom, it indicates that the cutting speed is appropriate;

2. If the spark is inclined backward, it indicates that the feed rate is too fast;

3. If the sparks do not spread and are few, but condense together, it indicates that the speed is too slow.

Compared with other traditional cutting methods, laser cutting technology has obvious advantages that cannot be compared. The laser cutting machine not only has the main characteristics of narrow kerf and small deformation of the workpiece, but also has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance.

In recent years, with the rapid improvement and development of ultra-high-power lasers, their application in industry has developed from the initial processing of small or fine structures to the processing of large structural parts, and has become more and more popular. It is concerned and recognized and widely used in industrial fields such as machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile industry, powder metallurgy, and biomedical microelectronics industry. Among them, laser welding of thin plates is mainly used in aerospace industry and automobile manufacturing industry.


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