What is the market prospect of laser cutting machine?

The bonus of sheet metal cutting has been gradually compressed, and price competition has become the norm in market development. Many enterprises have begun to switch to laser pipe cutting machines. Last year, my country’s laser cutting machine foreign trade exports increased greatly, and at the same time drove the development of fitness equipment, steel and wood furniture, kitchen utensils and bathrooms and other industries. The increase in orders has increased the application space of lasers; the promotion of laser cutting machine technology is also facing changes and challenges. opportunity.

The development of industrial technology has allowed laser cutting to be applied to all walks of life. Mechanization and automation will be the main theme of future enterprise development. Leading driving factors of the laser cutting machine industry, industry channel analysis, profitability of the laser cutting machine industry, industry growth, solvency of the laser cutting machine industry, and industry operating capabilities.

Why is the fiber laser cutting machine market promising?

Because changes in demand for laser cutting equipment are often accompanied by the development of my country’s sheet metal processing industry. Since the early days, China has become the world’s largest consumer of sheet metal processing demand. my country’s sheet metal processing technology has been continuously adjusted with the development of processing equipment technology, and technological progress has also accelerated the transformation of new processing technologies and achieved sustainable development. With the improvement of processing precision and efficiency of laser cutting machine series products, new changes have taken place in the market prospect of laser cutting machines in my country in recent years.

At present, most of the laser cutting equipment used in our country is plasma cutting machine, the quantity is huge, and the problem of processing speed is prominent. Therefore, efficiency issues and machining accuracy have become the main obstacles to its development. Suzhou Quick Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is an early high-tech enterprise dedicated to the application, development and research of laser technology in China. The introduction of fiber laser cutting technology can greatly improve the efficiency of sheet metal processing, and the cutting accuracy has also been greatly improved. It also reduces the waste of processing raw materials and brings huge benefits to the enterprise. The operating system and operation interface are more and more ergonomic, which can effectively reduce the operator’s error rate and reduce accidents caused by errors.

Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machines HI
Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machines HI

Fiber laser cutting machine is the third generation of laser cutting equipment. In the next 20 years of development, it will still occupy a dominant position in the field of sheet metal processing. From the perspective of the development of the sheet metal processing industry, it will solve the problems of processing efficiency and cutting accuracy. It is the future development direction of sheet metal processing. At present, the domestic fiber laser cutting machine market is huge, and the application of new technologies to transform traditional industries can not only improve product quality, but also rapidly develop emerging industries. Therefore, the future market development prospect of my country’s fiber laser cutting machine is considerable.


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