QUICK LASER–Exhibition Review of CIIF Expo 2023 | QUICK LASER



QUICK LASER, a leading solution provider of state-of-the-art intelligent laser cutting and welding, has concluded a highly successful participation at this year’s CIIF Expo. The event, which took place from 19th Sep-23rd Sep in Shanghai China, brought together industry leaders, innovators, peers and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase and explore the up-to-date industrial technology.


One of the highlights of our exhibition was the live demonstration of our advanced laser cutting and welding solutions for metal processing. With a commitment to constant innovation and unparalleled precision, we empower industries worldwide to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and quality in their manufacture processes.





Thanks a lot to all who stopped by our booth to witness the speed, precision, stability and innovation of intelligent laser equipment in action. We can’t wait to see you again at our next event!



Post time: Sep-28-2023