QUICK LASER intelligent equipment helps XCMG Group | QUICK LASER


XCMG Group and QUICK LASER have been in-depth cooperation since 2019, and have introduced a number of QUICK LASER’s “automatic production lines for high-power laser pipe cutting machines” and “automated production lines for plate cutting”. Utilization rate, improving production efficiency, improving product quality, and increasing per capita output have played a huge role. At the same time, it also shows the promotion of QUICK LASER to China’s intelligent manufacturing!


In the wave of industrial upgrading and intelligent manufacturing, laser cutting machines play a pivotal role. Laser cutting machines can help manufacturing companies significantly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, which is the inevitable result of industrial strategic upgrading. Following the footsteps of XCMG Group, the world’s leading construction machinery company, more and more traditional manufacturing industries have begun to update their manufacturing equipment. Laser cutting equipment is becoming one of the important engines to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional heavy industries.


As an expert in laser application solutions, QUICK LASER has been committed to the research and development and application of laser cutting technology, enabling the manufacturing industry to transform from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Relying on self-developed core technology and cutting equipment, QUICK LASER provides customers in different scenarios Providing comprehensive automation and intelligent solutions, it can be found in various industries such as construction machinery, steel structure, power and electrical, and shipbuilding.


In the field of high-power applications, QUICK LASER has accumulated very valuable practical experience. The market share of 10,000-watt-class laser cutting machines and pipe cutting machines ranks among the forefront of the industry. The self-developed intelligent cutting head, intelligent dust removal, hollow bed, and smart card With advantages such as disk, central control system, CAM, MES, and laser CNC systems, it is second to none in terms of cutting efficiency, quality, and stability!


With the acceleration of the “intelligent” era, the laser cutting industry chain is expected to prosper. In the future, QUICK LASER will continue to adhere to independent R&D and innovation, actively participate in the wave of the intelligent era, and contribute to promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and achieving high-quality development.


Post time: Jun-02-2024