QUICK LASER successfully won the bid for HZ Company, a leading copper clad laminate company | QUICK LASER


New materials are the support and guarantee for the development of advanced manufacturing and play an important role in promoting technological innovation, promoting the optimization and upgrading of manufacturing, and ensuring national security.


Recently, QUICK LASER won the bid for HZ Company, the leading domestic copper-clad laminate company and a well-known new materials company, to help the development of my country’s new materials industry.

 GI laser cutting machine

HZ Company, founded in 2003, is one of the earliest companies in China engaged in the research, development and production of epoxy resin copper-clad laminates. Mainly engaged in new material products such as copper clad laminates, composite materials and membrane materials.


The product QUICK LASER won the bid for this time is the GI series high-power laser cutting machine. The equipment will be used for the processing and intelligent manufacturing of new metal materials by HZ Company. The products are widely used in medical treatment, power transmission and transformation, computers, instrumentation, and communication facilities,automobiles, rail transit and new energy and other high-end equipment manufacturing fields.


QUICK LASER GI high-power fiber laser cutting machine integrates the advantages of ultra-high power, ultra-high precision, ultra-strong stability, etc., whether it is copper and aluminum hard connectors, soft connectors and other workpieces, it can achieve drilling and cutting in one go, accurately Meet the manufacturing needs of new materials!


The self-developed intelligent cutting head significantly improves speed, accuracy and efficiency while ensuring smooth and smooth cutting sections of new material workpieces; the country’s first semi-hollow structure machine tool, boneless workbench structure, time-divided and sectioned dust extraction, etc. Patented technology makes the cutting of new metal materials more stable.

Post time: Oct-12-2023