QUICK LASER won the bid for China Ocean Shipping, the world’s largest shipping company | QUICK LASER


From January to July 2023, the three major indicators of China’s shipbuilding industry will all rank first in the world, continuing to lead the world. At the same time, the fleet size held by Chinese shipowners surpassed Greece for the first time to become the world’s largest shipowner country, demonstrating my country’s status in the international shipping industry.


As the scale of Chinese shipowners’ fleets gradually expands, shipowners are placing more and more orders from domestic shipyards. As the world’s largest shipping company, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Shipping Lines) ranks first in the world in terms of the number of ships it operates and its load capacity, and it has undertaken many shipbuilding orders from Chinese shipowners.

china ocean ship

In order to ensure the delivery cycle of shipowners and meet more new technical requirements of shipowners, COSCO SHIPPING has greatly improved shipbuilding efficiency through the introduction of new technologies and intelligent management of production lines. Among them, Xunlei Laser 30000W-HI series large-format fiber laser cutting machines were introduced to improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of ships.


The HI series large-format laser cutting machine adopts an integrated welding bed and has many patented technologies such as hollow/semi-hollow structure machine tools, skeleton-free cutting platform, time-divided and segmented dust extraction structure, and double cooling structure of the cutting head. Loading the whole plate for processing can realize multiple cutting processes such as rapid perforation, intelligent knife retraction, nano micro-connection, cyclone slag cleaning, deep engraving, etc., providing support for subsequent efficient welding! The high power of 30000W is more suitable for cutting medium-thick plates. Accurately meet the needs of shipbuilding!


The addition of QUICK LASER’s large-format laser cutting machine will significantly shorten the manufacturing cycle of COSCO Shipping’s ships, help Chinese shipowners develop rapidly with Made in China, and truly contribute to a maritime and transportation power!

Post time: Sep-07-2023