QUICK LASER won the bid for CIMC, the global leader in the container industry. The winning bid products include PG12036 heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine, GI8025 high-power laser cutting machine, 4020 high-power laser cutting machine and other types. These equipment will be used in the three major business segments of CIMC, namely containers, circulation vehicles and logistics. intelligent manufacturing.

CIMC is the world’s leading supplier of logistics equipment and energy equipment. Founded in 1980, it is one of the earliest Sino-foreign joint ventures established in China after the reform and opening up. At present, it has formed containers, road transport vehicles, energy, chemical and liquid food equipment , airport, automated logistics and fire protection system, marine engineering, logistics services, circulation vehicles and other business segments, and strive to become an “all-round pioneer” in China’s manufacturing industry. Among them, the container segment is the core business of CIMC, and the company has maintained its leading position in the global container industry for many years.

In order to meet the strategic needs of “transformation and upgrading, high-quality growth”, CIMC vigorously develops intelligent manufacturing and green intelligent manufacturing, and improves production efficiency and product quality through the introduction of intelligent equipment, helping the country achieve the “double carbon” goal. With the introduction of QUICK LASER cutting machines in batches, the manufacturing cycle of CIMC containers will be greatly reduced, and CIMC will save a lot of time and cost in terms of production efficiency.

The high-power fiber laser cutting machine has a self-developed 10,000-watt laser cutting head, a 10,000-watt control system, an original semi-hollow structure bed, and a boneless workbench structure.

The P series heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine breaks through the cutting limit of heavy tubes. With the industry’s first three-chuck zero tailings, self-developed composite chuck, multiple loading of heavy tubes, heavy-duty unloading, 2000KG super-strong load, 508mm Cutting pipe diameter, 12500mm effective cutting stroke and other advantages.

Post time: Aug-23-2023